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Interior Lighting Design for Home or office

Planning a suitable lighting arrangement for your space that will be functional with just the right amount of ambiance can be achieved by a applying a few interior design lighting tips. Lighting plays a big part in the usefulness and mood of a room. Interior design for a space that really shines ensures that all three lighting levels are covered. Illumination is classified as one of the following:

 * Accent lighting – These lights are mostly for a dramatic touch, such as up lights or spot lights that highlight art pieces and leafy plants. ​ * ​​​General ambient lighting – A room’s main light comes from recessed lights, chandeliers, floor lamps, or other ceiling fixtures.
​ * Task lighting – Targeted light for reading or working includes table lamps and under cabinet lights for the kitchen


Gregorio Electric can provide a complete service which includes the installation of control panels, main distribution and the specification of power and instrument cabling. We also provide a maintenance service for all systems manufactured, or installed by any company. This service can be either a regular service contract, or by a call out basis when you are having problems.

Markets Include:

• Control and Transformers

• Proper Fusing and Grounding

• Multiple Start/Stop Stations

• Single and three Phase Motor Starting

​ We are proud to offer a wide array of commercial services. Each customer's need is very important to us, no matter the size. From repairing a single malfunctioning receptacle to the wiring of your office, we are happy to meet each and every one of your needs, while adhering to all required safety standards.

industrial and commercial installation

Gregorio Electric has many years of experience in the industrial market.  It includes Electrical Control Systems, maintenance service for all systems manufactured or installed by any company.  This service can be either a regular service contract or by a call out basis when you are having problems.

​Markets Include:

 - Industrial and Power Distribution Systems   

 - Generators and Transfer Switches Installations  ​​

 - Industrial Lighting Installations